Comparing .com and domain names

Domain names (URL) are the address potential customers may use in order to visit your As someone who lives in New Zealand you may be wondering whether or not it's better to get a .com or a I'm hoping to clear that up for you.

Basically you need to consider who your target audience will be. If your audience is primarily based in New Zealand then the is actually better than having the .com. A generates trust over a .com for New Zealanders especially for those who are keen to "keep it local" plus it can help with your search rankings when customers perform a search based on location.

If your audience includes Australia you could look at getting a and a but in order to obtain a domain name your company will need to be registered in Australia.

If you are expecting to attract an international audience then it is better to have the .com . Of course you can have both a .com and a which is what I've done with my domain name. In my case, I had the .com domain name for many years before I moved back to New Zealand so I didn't want to lose the search ranking I had built up. Now whenever someone types in they are redirected automatically to This allows me to catch any potential clients who may have heard of Karebou and assumed the domain name ended in


"I had been investigating getting a website for about a year and met with several designers and did heaps of research before choosing Karen. To put myself in someone else’s hands was hard for me, but Karen made the process so easy, by really listening to me and understanding what I was trying to achieve and then expressing it in the design. I think Karen has a special and rare combination of design and technical ability that enabled her to create a site for me that is not only beautiful, but highly functional and ultimately a website that is an extension and expression of me. My website is everything I had hoped for an more and I can’t recommend Karen more highly.
Morna Haist

"Karen did a fabulous job designing a brand new web site for my company. She knows what style fits what company; and she understands the practical side of the site's functionality. She created a site which would maximize my hits. She showed me how to manage some things myself (eg. uploading photos to my website, uploading blog postings) and how to manage/label these things to increase hits. She is thorough and meets her deadlines, and her fees are very reasonable considering her incredible skill. I happily recommend her."
Marla Compton

“I am very pleased to have worked with Karebou for the creation of my website. Karen was very friendly and she was able to translate my reactive expectations and give my website a faithful image of my business"
Jean-Pierre Romeas

“After a long and painful period of working with three other web designers who could not understand what we needed, we finally found Karen for our new website. It all became easy and spot on! As we have very deep content, an online shop, a forum, a travel booking section and editorial content, it was a challenge to make all that work in one design. Karen provided a sharp, modern and slick interface while providing space for all features and navigation. Why is she better to work with? She’s not a geek, she doesn’t sell bells and whistles and she is not trying to impress the customer with ultimate toys. She creates a design that works and that people really like.”
Sebastien Michel

“It has been such a pleasure to have Karen design and develop my website. Karen has listened to what I wanted from day one and given me ideas with her outstanding design skills. The attention to detail and unique design gives my website an edge over my competitors. I was always consulted throughout the whole design and development process and kept up to date on how things were coming along. The end result has been amazing! Since my website has been live, the positive feedback and sales generated has been unbelievable. I cannot congratulate Karen enough on such an awesome website.”
James Hind

"The moment I saw Karen’s website, I knew she was the designer for me. The clarity, colours and fun of her site were so refreshing and inspiring. I could see she was a talented artist and I knew she would help me create an object of beauty, which she has. During the project I was able to relax knowing Karen was hearing what I wanted (very important) and that she would enhance my own ideas with her talent. I was able to fill in my own pages as the building took place, and much to my relief this is a very simple and quick process, which Karen has coached me through. My site is now live and getting great feedback. I myself tend to browse through the pages frequently and I love it. I am completely happy with it. So if you are looking for a designer with refreshing artistic talent look no further."
Lisa Houghton


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