Web Design

Summer Review

If you’re in New Zealand you know it’s been an amazing summer and for Karebou it’s also been a very busy one. Over the last couple of months four new websites have gone live and three new logo designs were created. There’s still one more rather large website to go live and that will be…

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Learn how to manage your WordPress website

Learn how to manage your Wordpress website

Let’s make this short and sweet. Building and managing your own WordPress website definitely has its advantages…the heart warming sense of accomplishment, the chance to nourish your inner control freak by controlling all aspects of your creation, and of course the fact that you don’t need to pay someone else to do what you could…

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Email newsletter etiquette

Communicating with your clients via email newsletter

With email newsletters being an accepted form of communication between businesses and their clients it’s a good idea to understand some basics about newsletter etiquette. When is an email newsletter spam? How can you engage your readers and make your newsletter more valuable? What about allowing your customers to unsubscribe from your email newsletter? Paul…

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Comparing .com and .co.nz domain names

Choosing a domain name

Domain names (URL) are the address potential customers may use in order to visit your website…like karebou.com. As someone who lives in New Zealand you may be wondering whether or not it’s better to get a .com or a .co.nz. I’m hoping to clear that up for you. Basically you need to consider who your…

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